Sweetwater Farms is private property. During Kennel drop-offs & pickups, we ask that
you & your pets respect the Farm.  Please DO NOT FEED THE HORSES, or try to touch
them in any way.  You may look at them and take photos from outside of the farm's
fences & gates. Do not sit on, climb on, or stick your hands, arms or any object through
any fence.  Horses can bite & the fence is hot wired with electric!

Please dispose of trash in the nearest dumpster.  Only household trash may be put in the
dumpsters. Use of the recycling bin for appropriate materials is optional, but encouraged.

Waste water may not be discharged on the ground.  Please discharge only your gray (sink)
water in the on-site drypits.  Sewerage may only be emptied into dump stations or in the
sewer hookups on full hook-up sites.  Cape Cod law mandates that all toilet/holding tank
chemicals and toilet tissue must be biodegradable.  Porta-potties & other portable toilets
may be emptied in one of our dump stations, not in the comfort stations.  Washing
vehicles, clothing, pets & outdoor bathing is prohibited.

Possession or discharging of firearms, other weapons, fireworks,...etc, is prohibited.

Parents are responsible for the behavior and safety of their children at all times.  
Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied to the comfort station by an adult, or
teenage sibling.  The young, or physically challenged, are to be supervised by an adult
when using recreational facilities.  Teenagers must be back at their campsites by 10 PM.

Please be considerate of your neighbors.  Do not shortcut through sites.  Keep noise at a
minimum when the hour is late.

Pets must be kept restrained.  They may not be left alone on campsites, in trailers or in
parked cars.  Current Certificates of Rabies Vaccinations are required for all dogs entering
Camp, and proof of such must be available per Mass. State law.

Dogs using Sweetwater Farms Day Kennel must be in good health, and of good
temperament.  Management reserves the right to refuse to accept any dog for the Kennel
that appears to be in less than satisfactory health, or possessing a poor or antisocial  

SOCIAL CONDUCT: Any person using profane language or acting under the influence of
liquor or drugs will be asked to leave the property immediately.  No refund will be given.

THE MANAGEMENT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO EVICT any person, or persons, who does not
comply with our rules and/or infringes upon the rights of another.  
Matters requiring police intervention will  automatically terminate a camper's stay.  NO

We consider any disturbance to your relaxation, to be an emergency.  DO NOT WAIT
it then, and you will have lost a good night's sleep needlessly.  We are here 24 hours a
day, so if there is a problem let us know!  Please call 774-353-6812, or go to the
manager's home, to report emergencies, regardless of the hour.

CHECK OUT TIME IS 11AM, on the morning of your scheduled departure.  If you overstay
your check-out time we reserve the right to carefully remove your equipment from the
site.  You will be charged for an additional day plus a $10 equipment moving fee.  If you
would like to extend your stay, please check at the office for site availability before 9
AM. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Campfires are only permitted in the on-site fire-pits.  Collecting of wood, or the
cutting of trees is strictly prohibited.  Firewood is for sale by the bundle at the Camp
Store. Charcoal & gas grills are permitted.  Please dispose of your dead ashes in the
nearest dumpster. Do not leave any campfire or hot cooking equipment unattended.
Please do not use camp fires in high winds. Never dispose of any coals or ashes in the
woods, or in the on-site dry pit.

Please do not cut, debark, drive nails into or otherwise injure any tree, bush or



We have a firm policy of NO REFUNDS.

ALL GUESTS MUST REGISTER at the office.  Overnight and Day Guests (visitors) will be

Reservations made under false pretenses will not be honored. No subletting of
campsites, reserved or otherwise.

Campsites must be maintained in a neat and sanitary condition. Tables may not be
removed from any sites. We do not allow nails or other objects to be driven into tables.  
Campsites with electric & water have dry pits  to be used for the disposal of sink
water only.

On-site Sanitary Pumpout Service can be scheduled through our Office. We expect that
you will find your site clean, and request that any problems with your site be reported
to us immediately.  Do not place any equipment or park cars outside of the cleared
area on your site.

The FULL BALANCE of your camping fee, based on your requested and confirmed reservation, is payable upon your arrival.

We accept Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover Card & Travelers Checks, in US Funds only.

Cancellations must be made at least 14 days prior to your confirmed arrival date for a deposit refund.

Reservations made under false pretenses will not be honored.  

A service charge of $25.00 will be applied for each site cancellation.

No Refunds for shortened stays.
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DIAL 911 for Fire or Rescue-you are at Sweetwater Forest
Additional Emergency instructions are at the phone stations. AFTER CALLING 911,
a day for emergencies not requiring Police, Fire or Rescue.
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Sweetwater Forest's Seasonal Campsite Program includes
the use of the Seasonal Campsite from April 1-October
31, with elective on-site storage of the RV permitted for
the balance of the year.
The Seasonal Campsite Program's discounted fee is
payable in 10 installments, per our schedule.

If you wish to be considered for our Seasonal Campsite
Program please make an appointment with our
Reservation Manager for Seasonal Orientation, and review
of our Seasonal Policies & Terms of Service. Purchase of a
of unit shown on a Seasonal site does not automatically
transfer the use of that site to the buyer of the RV on it.
All new Park Model sales are to be done through our Sales
Office.  Sweetwater Forest is an authorized dealer of
Breckenridge Park Models.
Rates & Rules
Rates & Rules
In-Season Rates are effective from June 15th through September 10th, & during
Holiday Weekends. Reservations are highly recommended during those times.

The use of sites is limited to the registered camper.

Subletting is prohibited & cause for eviction. Sharing of sites must be pre-approved
by management and will be subject to two separate site fees.

ALL campers  MUST be REGISTERED at the Camp Office. This is a MASSACHUSETTS  
STATE  LAW and is required of ALL who use our facility.

Breakage of Campground Rules is cause for eviction.
Miscellaneous Fees & Rates
2014 Rates & Fees
2014 Rates & Fees
No Hookups...............................

Electric & Water.........................
Elec, Water & Sewer, 50 amp......

Elec, Water & Sewer, 30 amp......
Family members*........................
*over 2 & under 18 years of age
Overnight Guests*.......................




............ 2.50






Open: April 1 through October 31

Check In: Noon to 10pm
Check-Out on or by 11:100am

Reservations are also highly recommended for
weekends during  the Cape's Peak Season.

Sites go quickly for the 3 Day Holiday
Weekends. Please make your reservations
early to avoid disappointment!

Many  have "favorite" sites which are usually
booked early.  If you wish to reserve a favorite
preferred site, please be sure to reserve your
site as soon as possible to avoid

Our Daily Base Rate is for the Family of 4.
Key Deposit.................................................
               (refunded upon return of key)

RV On Site Pumpout Service.........................
RV Storage Daily-Monthly..........................  
RV Winterization*.......................................    
In Camp Trailer Moving................................   
Dog Day Kennel.....................................(call for prices)

Dog Fee.....................................................  

Extra Cars-Limit of 2 per Site.......................              
*Varies due to Equipment's Appliances, which are 10.00 ea.








*includes Family Members who are married &/or over 18 years.    
Sweetwater Forest
Daily Camping Rates for the Family of 4
Our Daily Rates are for a family of four, two adults, and two children and are for
one site only
. Additional family members and Overnight Guests, are charged per the
rates provided here.
 We DEFINE a FAMILY as: the registering camper, his/her
significant other, and their unmarried children under the age of 18.
We do not
discount our rates for smaller families.
Deposits & Reservations
Deposits & Reservations
Sweetwater Forest Seasonal Discounted Camping Program & Park Model RV Sales
Sweetwater Forest Seasonal Discounted Camping Program & Park Model RV Sales
Sweetwater Forest was established by our family in 1958 and has been owned and operated by us ever since.  Over the years, Sweetwater Forest has seen many changes, upgrades and
improvements, as the camping industry evolved out of what was its relative infancy in 1958, and into the immense, multi-faceted, high tech segment of the tourism industry it has become
today.  Our goal remains that of providing Cape Cod's campers with a safe, quality camping experience with clean, safe, modern facilities and a packed roster of services, conveniences, and
recreational fun-all set in a beautiful, native Cape Cod woodlands with frontage on a freshwater lake. To insure the enjoyment of all who stay at Sweetwater, we ask that you respect us, the
facility, and your neighbors by following our Camp Rules. Failure to comply is cause for eviction.

All who enter Sweetwater Forest are required to stop at the Office and register, or request a map to tour Sweetwater.
All who enter Sweetwater Forest must agree to abide by Camp Rules, or they will not be permitted to enter the campground.   
The Camper who registers for the site is responsible for seeing that all in his/her party know and agree to abide by all of our rules.  Breakage of our rules by a Camper's child, or guest
may be cause for immediate eviction.
Breakage of our Camp Rules is taken seriously.  Please be sure all members of your family, and any visitors you may have are familiar with them.

Sweetwater Forest Campground is patrolled throughout the day and night, by experienced staff in quiet electric golf carts. Three generations of our family live and work at Sweetwater Forest, and are always available for emergencies, regardless of the time of night or day.  We consider any disturbance to your relaxation, to be an emergency.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL MORNING
TO REPORT NIGHT NOISE PROBLEMS TO US-nothing can be done about it then, and you will have lost a good night's sleep needlessly.  We are here 24 hours a day, so if there is a problem let
us know!  Please call 774-353-6812, or go to the manager's home, to report emergencies, regardless of the hour.
DAILY RATES for a family of four-AS DEFINED BELOW