6 Playgrounds
"Sweetwater Pines" our Newly
Renovated Cape Cod themed 18
Hole Miniature Golf Course-with
Lights for evening rounds!
Memory Garden Play Center
Horseshoe Pits
Basketball Court (Lights for
evening games)
Video Game Room
Free WiFi Outdoor Net Café
Free Indoor Internet Café
Free Sunset Tractor Pulled
Ice Cream Socials
Lake fun on Griffiths Pond-
Canoe Rentals-(In Camp)
Canoing & Kayaking
Fishing Dock
Bird watching
Just plain relaxing
Bike Path to Exit Camp Safely
Camp Bike Racks

Ice Cream Socials
Get Acquainted Campfires

Fishing Derbies
Annual Seasonal Site Awards
Mini Golf Annual Tournaments
Annual Amateur Photo Contest
Free Weekend of Camping
Raffled Off each weekend the
Full Camp Sign is out
Camp Spirit Awards

Pool Table
Board Game & Card Tables
Comfortable sofas & seating for
watching TV, socializing, or
FREE Wireless High Speed
Ping Pong

Bench Seating & Tables
FREE Wireless Internet
Kid's Zone Outdoor Picnic Patio
Video Arcade
Outdoor Picnic Patios

Theme Weekends
Camp Barbecues
Potluck Dinners
Field Day Fun, Games & Contests
Pet Shows
Contests & Awards Presentation
Free Raffles
Fishing Derbies
Annual Seasonal Site Awards
Mini Golf Annual Tournaments
Annual Amateur Photo Contest
Free Weekend of Camping
Raffled Off each weekend the
Full Camp Sign is out
Camp Spirit Awards
Get Acquainted Ice Cream
Socials, Campfire & Barbecues
Awards Ceremony & Barbecue
Chili & Chowder Cook-offs!
Potluck Dinners
Bike Rodeos
Live Entertainment
Scavenger Hunts
Canoe Relay & Speed Racing
Basketball Shootouts
Chowder & Chile Cook-offs
Basketball Shoot-Outs
Horseshoe Tournament
Craft Making
Husband Vs Wives (Team) Fun
Kids Vs Parents (Team) Games
Canoe Rentals (in camp)
Fishing Dock
Bird watching
Just plain relaxing!  
Our bike path takes campers to & from camp, by winding through the woods
from C-Area to Sweetwater's Entrance Gates & Rte 124, where there's quick
access to the 25 miles of biking along the paved Cape Cod Rail Trail!
In August of 2018, Sweetwater Forest,
will celebrate our 60th year of being one
of Cape Cod's finest family owned &
operated Campgrounds  The innovative
thinking of Ann & Dave Klein-AKA "Mom &
Dad," who conceived and created
Sweetwater Forest in 1958 as one of
Cape Cod's finest family campgrounds.
Today their dreams continue to be the
essence of our family's dreams, passed
down to us, and our now grown children.  

A Memory Gard
en and Main Playground
was dedicated to Mom & Dad with a
further tribute to our campers, complete
with a foot bridge in the Memory Garden,
overlooking a rock and stone river bed
which "flows" beneath the bridge, made
with stones painted with the names,
dates, towns, &/or messages from 60
years of campers!

Contact us if you'd like to be included!

Rte 124, 676 Harwich Rd, Brewster,  MA  02631
(508) 896-3773 FAX (508) 896-201
When not out touring the Cape & Islands, or
relaxing in Sweetwater's beautiful
surroundings, a well rounded roster of
recreational facilities & activities is available
to enjoy-without leaving the Forest.
Our Kidz Catch & Release Fishing Derbies
are exciting & fun for all.  In 2006 the
biggest fish ever caught during one of our
Catch & Release Derbies was caught by a
wily young fisherman. To date, our smallest
fisherman caught the largest fish...and, as
of today the record still stands!
Recreation at Sweetwater Forest-just for the fun of it!
Brewster does not permit boat motors over 3HP on lakes &
ponds located in the Town. Long Pond's Boat Ramp is just
minutes away & since this lake is in both the Towns of
Brewster & Harwich there is no restriction on horsepower,
making it a water skier & power boater's paradise!
There's still plenty to be said for the relaxation of quietly
paddling a canoe along our lake. (Only Snow's Pond is
pictured here.)
Different types of recreation is
available for campers of all ages at
Sweetwater Forest. Our
Recreational Roster in the box to
the left and the many photos on this
page, including those taken during
Special Weekends, Campers
Appreciation Parties, Potluck
Dinners, and Field Day Games &
Contests, all share a simple,
underlying theme-THE JOY OF
    Sweetwater Forest Party
    Events included
Camp Barbecues
Potluck Dinners
Ice Cream Socials
FREE Raffles
Get Acquainted Campfires
Field Day Fun, Games &
Scavenger Hunts
Annual Amateur Photo
Chili & Chowder Cook-offs!
Theme Weekends
And much, much more!
Why do we offer recreation at Sweetwater Forest, when there is so much to do in Brewster, and on Cape Cod? In a nutshell, because we've camped with our family for
years, and shared Sweetwater Forest with Campers for decades. During those years we learned that what may be exhausting to we adults, may not be so for the kids, or
even ourselves-once we've gotten our second wind.  While lounging at your camper in the shade after a day  at the beach with the kids, perhaps with some window
shopping at the many unique stores in Brewster, may sound great, but never seems to be what the kids want to do. To help everyone enjoy camping at Sweetwater
Forest we do our best to provide plenty to do, for those of all ages. Above to the left is a list of some of the Recreational Facilities and Activities that are available and
frequently offered at Sweetwater Forest.

Sure, there is plenty to see, visit, and enjoy as you experience Cape Cod & the Islands, and our classic Cape Cod bayside home-town of Brewster. There, along country
roads, and especially Route 6-A are a variety of unique studios, charming plazas featuring distinctive shops, boutiques and galleries, where the outstanding work of the
Cape's local artisans is often displayed, showcasing the many different mediums used by artists as they worked to capture the essence of Cape Cod for sharing with you.

Scattered along Rte 6-A in Brewster are the studios of Award winning artists and artisans, while others  showcase the Fine local art in seemingly never ending mediums A
piece is waiting to be found that's sure to be the stunning  "must have" piece of your dreams of the Cape. One need not spend thousands to satisfy a need for a piece of
Cape Cod to add to their home, or to give as a gift. Price points are as varied as the shops and the items offered for sale in them. Even those who do not usually enjoy
shopping fall for Brewster's numerous shops, boutiques and distinctive Cape Cod shopping venues where finding a must have item is second only to the joy of browsing
through shop after shop, filled with an abundance of Cape Cod eye candy-and more. Shopping in Brewster can be done going to, or coming from, Brewster's Bay Beaches.

Experiencing Brewster is far from limited to shopping along Rte 6-A.  Brewster is a dream destination for those who enjoy the outdoors. Whether your prefer to enjoy
beaching it, hiking along miles of marked trails in the Punkhorn Parklands, visiting the Brewster Museum of Natural History with its bayside trails, the National Seashore's
Visitor's Center, or biking along miles of the paved, Cape Cod Rail Trail. Those who use the Rail Trail often see sights not seen by many, such as Cape Cod's stunning Salt
Marshes and Hummocks, and the wondrous ecosystems each is, all easily able to be seen on the Cape Cod Rail Trail where there is much of Cape Cod's natural beauty to
see! If golf is your game, the well maintained lush, rolling turf, an artful 18 hole layout, with some challenging greens, and end of game amenities, provide some of the
finest 18 hole golf on Cape Cod, with 2 top rated coursed in Brewster to be enjoyed, The Captains Course & Ocean Edge Golf Course.

Nature lovers, those with dogs and nearly all who enjoy the outdoors will find Brewster's widely diverse roster of facilities to visit a perfect mix of Cape Cod's natural
beauty.  The Punkhorn Parklands is a haven for hikers and bicyclists seeking to enjoy the peaceful solitude of the Native Woodlands, while seeing its variable terrain, the
scattering of kettle ponds and other lakes and bogs, throughout the 800+ acres Nature Parkland. There are many types of wildlife habitats with more than 45 miles of
marked hiking, cycling and equestrian trails which traverse The Punkhorn, along with markers about special sightings to watch for.

The diverse beauty of Brewster's 9 beautiful Town Beaches, includes features exclusive to each particular beach. Seven distinctive beaches grace the sandy shores of
Cape Cod Bay in Brewster and the Town of Brewster's Bay beaches, while all possessing characteristics of their own, share the remarkable and beautiful changes that
occur as the tides come in at high tide, and then go out again as low tide, with some beaches left with 2 miles of sand flats to play on and explore-with these changes
occurring every 6 hours. Many enjoy experiencing the changing the surf to a beach comber's paradise of miles of sand. Brewster's 2 Freshwater beaches also offer their
own unique features to enjoy-with Sheep's Pond a stocked lake that's great for swimming and fishing, while Long Pond is a boater's paradise, sharing its shores with two
towns-Brewster and Harwich.

After you and you're family been out and about enjoying Brewster, and Cape Cod as you want to, relaxing in the shade at Sweetwater Forest may be perfectly enjoyable!
When you get your second wind, or if your kids want to keep going, there are plenty of Recreational Activities available at Sweetwater Forest.  

Rte 124, 676 Harwich Rd, Brewster,  MA  02631
(508) 896-3773 FAX (508) 896-2013

Rte 124, 676 Harwich Rd, Brewster,  MA  02631
(508) 896-3773 FAX (508) 896-201
Get Acquainted Campfires
Bike Rodeos
Breyer Horse Painting Contests
Award Presentations
Free Raffles
Potluck Dinners
Live Entertainment
Outdoor Picnic Patio
Please pardon our site while
Some of the most enjoyable
activities & contests take place at
the lake-from a variety of different
canoe races, Catch & Release Fishing
Derbies, Turtle Watches & Counts,
and more!
Not all the enjoyment at the lake is a
scheduled activity. Canoe Rentals
offer a unique view of Sweetwater,
and the wide variety of fish, turtles,
animals and birds who make their
homes, for at least part of the year,
on Sweetwater's lake, Griffith's Pond.

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Special Activities & Camper's Appreciation Weekends are
held at The Lodge during the summer, autumn & over 3
Day Holiday Weekends.

Please visit Sweetwater Forest's page on Facebook for
upcoming Scheduled Activities!
At: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweetwater-Forest/190103200332
A curious Whitetail Buck watches
bikers, as he blends into the woods,
just a few yards from our bike path.