B-Area is situated well away from our other areas that cater to the RVs &
Motorhomes requiring hook-ups.
Motorhomes and Trailers are not permitted in B-Area.
The B-Area Comfort Station is open during Peak Season with Free Hot Showers!

The road which circles our cranberry bog has tent sites  along the outer side of
the road. Parking for cars in this area is typically below the site and away from
the tents and cooking areas in designated areas along the road.

Some tent sites provide wonderful views of the sun setting over Snow's Pond, while
others overlook the cranberry bog's native wetland, now a habitat for an interesting
variety of native birds and wildlife.
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Sweetwater's Exclusive Tenting Area
B- Area is exclusively for tenters and campers not requiring electric on sites. This beautiful tenting
area, with an abundance of natural shade cast from an overhead canopy of leaves, vines and
pine-boughs, borders the Lake, with sites along the road which circles our retired Cape Cod
Cranberry Bog, now a haven for wetland wildlife. The sites are well sized & level. Most are designed
so vehicles park off the site & not right on top of the tent, sitting or cooking areas.
Many types of birds, waterfowl, and wildlife call our "retired"
cranberry bog and Snow's Pond, both of which are bordered by sites in
B-Area, "home" for at least part of the year. Perfect for the Bird &
Nature watchers in your family, and to help all learn a special
understanding and appreciation for nature!
The large white tail buck, to the right, was photographed standing a
few yards off our bike trail.  
The wildlife at Sweetwater Forest are typically not dangerous,
however we do not recommend any interaction with wild animals or
The feeding of any wild animal or bird is NOT PERMITTED!
We require all trash and food items be safely stowed
Sweetwater's Exclusive Tenting Area
Embrace Nature.
Embrace Nature.
Sweetwater Forest maintains an area dedicated exclusively for those who prefer tent camping
closer to nature amidst the peaceful, beautiful surroundings of Cape Cod's natural woodlands, and
prefer being awakened by chorus of various woodland and meadow birds chirping and calling, as
well as those from the nearby wetlands of the lake, and retired  Cranberry Bog.  B-Area was
designed for just that in the early 1960's, and to this day remains dedicated to tent campers and
other campers, using  camping vans and small pop-ups, who do not require on-site hookups-and
who do not enjoy waking to the sounds of large RVs coming and going, and instead prefer
awakening in the morning to the sounds of birds chirping to announce the arrival of another new

Although RVs and Camping Trailers are not permitted in B-Area, this is by no means what some
campgrounds call "primitive camping." Tent sites are well separated by the woodlands, and most
have unique features that add to the natural beauty of the area. Water hydrants are spread
throughout B-Area, with Free Hot showers and flush toilets available in our Comfort Stations.

B-Area has a variety of native terrain, with level, private sites spread throughout charming, gently
rolling native terrain with an abundance of natural shade cast from an overhead canopy of leaves,
vines and pine-needles which covers much of the area.
 B-Area borders the Lake and fully  
encompasses our retired Cape Cod Cranberry Bog, which is now a haven for wetland wildlife!

The area features its own centrally located Comfort Station, complete with free hot showers and
more, amidst an area with private, level tent sites and room for parking, all artfully created
throughout a charming, gently rolling, native terrain which wraps around our retired cranberry
bog, and overlooks the lake in places.  An abundance of natural shade is cast from an overhead
canopy of leaves, vines and pine-needles.

Several B Area sites surround Sweetwater's "retired" Cranberry Bog, which borders our lake, and is
overlooked by some of our other sites. The cranberry bog is now home to a variety of interesting
birds and other wildlife, which makes it a pleasant place for all- especially those interested in
nature and the wildlife that inhabit Cape Cod.
Providing privacy for our tenting patrons is one of our goals.
However, we do accept pre-approved Scout troops & other group Rallies,
with an adequate ratio of adult supervision, are assigned group sites,
situated away from other campers, in areas where sounds are buffered
from other sites by the lay of the land.
The group site to the right has a long driveway leading to a secluded group
site, well away from other sites. The photos were taken from the road
above the large natural "bowl" these beautiful sites are in.
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Tenting Area
Tenting Area

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