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Sweetwater Forest, 676 Harwich Rd., Brewster, MA 02631
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Our Main Gates are locked at 10:00 PM
during the Summer & on Holiday
Weekends. Please contact us to let us
know of your late arrival so we can make
special arrangements for you.
  1. Cross the Cape Cod Canal using the
    Sagamore Bridge.
  2. This puts you directly on Route 6 (the
    Mid Cape Highway).
  3. Follow Route 6 to Exit 10 (Route
  4. Turn left at the end of the off ramp,
    heading North, towards Brewster
    towards Cape Cod Bay on Route 124.
  5. Stay on Route 124 for 2.8 miles. You
    will see our sign on the left side of
    the road at 676 Harwich Rd.
  6. Sweetwater's main entrance road
    travels for about a half mile through
    the Forest, and will take you directly
    to our main Reception & Reservation
Directions to Sweetwater Forest from the Mainland
Directions to Sweetwater Forest from the Mainland
Crossing the Cape Cod Canal...
...your Gateway to a whole new world!
Driving Directions from the Cape Cod Canal

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